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AMBER - Fossilized sap or resin from ancient pine trees. Promotes clarity and increases energy.

AMETHYST - Good for just about everything, including left/right brain balance, soothing nervous conditions, easing insomnia, enhancing dreams and spiritual enlightenment.

AQUAMARINE - Ancient greeks believed this stone to hold the essence and spirit of the sea. Wearing this stone was said to provide courage and strong will. Symbolizes harmony, happiness, innocence, youthfulness and purity. Very peaceful, calming stone. Master healer of throat chakra.

CARNELIAN - Helps self-esteem, ridding fears, anger, hidden emotions, sexual problems. Good talisman stone. Its red color is due to the presence of iron.

CITRINE - Good for stomach, and to balance your personal power so that you may have better health and wealth.

DIAMOND - Helps you be the best you can be; remaining faithful, loyal and stedfast in your commitments.

EMERALD - Healer for heart chakra; helps you work with your father; helps to realize prosperity.

GARNET - Native americans first found it among the pebbles that ants brought to the surface. helps to release all types of fears, bringing one more energy.

JADE - Used for medicinal purposes and prosperity. Master healer for those connected to chinese heritage.

LAPIS - Good for all types of psychic powers. Old energy stone.

MOONSTONE - Helps define and balance female energy: eases PMS: clarifies spiritual understanding.

MOTHER OF PEARL - Very nurturing. Good for those who are orphans or have lost loved ones.

ONYX - Excellent grounding stone.

OPALS - Because of its colors of the rainbow, ancient romans believed it to be a symbol of hope. Increases emotional healing: helps one look within.

PERIDOT - Promotes laughter: eases grief over loss of loved ones: helps release old disease or (dis-ease) problems.

RUBY - Believed to have great powers. Master healer of the heart. It's been said that owning a ruby will ensure a peaceful, harmonious and healthful life. Also thought to control one's passions and thoughts. To many its stimulating color represents heat, life and power.

SAPPHIRE - Prized since ancient times, sapphire has been called the "gem of the heavens". Persians believed the earth rested on an enormous sapphire and the sky reflected its beautiful color. Considered by many to be an antidepressant, sapphire enhances creativity and is great for mind, body, and spirit. Medicinal uses- helps digest heavy foods and aids the hear, kidneys, and pituitary gland functions.

TOPAZ - Ancient greeks referred to topaz as the 'stone of strength' - Thought to heal both physical and mental disorders and prevent death. Great for opening up voice communication; healer of throat chakra.

TOURMALINE - (GREEN) Very healing - good for whole body: stone layouts connecting all charkas. (PINK) Aligns you vertically with the divine love that lies within each of us; offering gentle love to all.

TURQUOISE - Great for empowerment: healer of the throat: chakra revered by those of native american ascent or who have had past lives in that role.

Colored gemstones offer a wide variety of healing properties; from happiness and longevity to enhancing creativity and balancing your personal power.